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Academic English

Academic English

RMIT English Worldwide has 50 years' experience in writing English materials and delivering tailored training and testing solutions. We have specific expertise in validated and secure assessment that measures learning outcomes. Our services prepare students and professionals to use English with confidence. 

RMIT English Worldwide has a proven record of developing English language programs for different industries and subject areas. We can customise English courses to meet your specific requirements. Choose from industry and professional English courses, teacher development courses or academic English courses. Our programs offer face-to-face delivery, self-directed online learning and various forms of assessment to ensure learner progress.

Study with us

Studying at RMIT English Worldwide Melbourne is the first step in your journey to academic success at RMIT and other universities. 

Our English language intensive courses for overseas students, referred to as ELICOS, are specially designed for students like you, and you will be joining students from all over the world. Your tutors are experienced in teaching the language and study skills you will need at university.

Placement testing

RMIT English Worldwide reserves the right to conduct a placement test on arrival to assess your level of English. This may affect the duration of your English course if the result shows you need more or fewer weeks than originally offered. This, in turn, may affect timely entry into future courses. IELTS results are valid for 12 months for entry in to an RMIT English Worldwide program.

Your ELICOS timetable

To view your personalised student timetable, you will need to login to Canvas using your RMIT student number and password.

Important dates

RMIT English Worldwide’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program has six levels from Elementary to Advanced Plus. Each level of study takes 10 weeks, full-time to complete. Each level is delivered over two 5-week modules. The dates listed below are for each 5-week module. New intakes occur every 5 weeks.

Enrolment date Orientation Course start date Course end date
3 Jan 2019 4 Jan 2019 7 Jan 2019 8 Feb 2019
7 Feb 2019 8 Feb 2019 11 Feb 2019 15 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019 15 Mar 2019 18 Mar 2019 18 Apr 2019
18 Apr 2019 19 Apr 2019 23 Apr 2019 24 May 2019
23 May 2019 24 May 2019 27 May 2019 28 Jun 2019
27 Jun 2019 27 Jun 2019 1 Jul 2019 2 Aug 2019
1 Aug 2019 2 Aug 2019 5 Aug 2019 6 Sep 2019
5 Sep 2019 6 Sep 2019 9 Sep 2019 11 Oct 2019
10 Oct 2019 11 Oct 2019 14 Oct 2019 15 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019 20 Dec 2019


Public holidays

RMIT English Worldwide Melbourne is closed on public holidays. Plan ahead by checking when they take place at the Business Victoria website.

What you need to know


You must keep your attendance above 80%. This is an Australian Government law. Your attendance is calculated according to the length of stay as written in your electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCOE).

View the Attendance Policy

Printing and photocopying

You can print and photocopy in the Student Lounge on Level 3 at these rates:

  • A4 single-sided black and white = $0.10
  • A4 single-sided colour = $0.50
  • A4 double-sided black and white = $0.15
  • A4 double-sided colour = $0.75
  • A3 single-sided black and white = $0.20
  • A3 single-sided colour = $1.00
  • A3 double-sided black and white = $0.30
  • A3 double-sided colour = $1.50

To start an account and top up your credit, go to


Shared Values Statement


being truthful and sincere, acting with academic integrity.


being just, consistent and treating everyone fairly.


taking responsibility for one's actions and inactions, and being proactive about one's learning.


observing the rights and feelings of others by treating each other kindly, with courtesy and sensitivity.


having faith in all members of the RMIT Training community.

Enrol with us

Apply as an International Student

Apply through an agent

Permanent resident or Australian citizen

Course fees

  2018 2019
Fees per week of study $430 $443
Enrolment fee $240 $250

Note: Fees are listed in Australian dollars

Other fees

Airport pick-ups can be arranged for free. Conditions apply. Contact us for details.

Fees that apply for homestay placement need to be paid directly to the Australian Homestay Network by students or agents.

New student enrolment and orientation

When: 9:00-10:00am
WhereRMIT English Worldwide, Building 108, Level 6, 235-251 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Enrolment day checklist



1x passport


Recent English
language test result

A pen and


Students who know they will be enrolling late must email with details of their arrival.

Students who arrive late to enrol should go to Student Services (Building 108, Level 10). The last day you can enrol is the Monday of Week 2; however, by this time classes have been finalised and places will be limited.


A compulsory orientation program for all new students is held on the day after enrolment. It takes about 3 hours. 

On enrolment day, students will be told where and what time the orientation program will be held.

Exception: for the first course of the year, enrolment and orientation occur on the same day.

Other locations

International Technology and Educational Cooperation Group (ITEC)

ITEC works with educational institutions and organisations specialising in language training. It first partnered with RMIT English Worldwide in 2002, when it established the RMIT English Worldwide Bangkok campus in Thailand.

RMIT English Worldwide Bangkok provides high quality English language preparation for Thai students who wish to go on to study abroad. The English for Academic Purposes program is the same as that offered at RMIT English Worldwide Melbourne and allows students to fully prepare themselves for further study in Australia while remaining in Bangkok.

See their website for more details:


Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE)

Founded in 1960, SUIBE consists of 12 faculties and offers joint degree programs with RMIT University.

In partnership with SUIBE for over a decade, RMIT English Worldwide provides Academic English programs for second year students who are completing a diploma through the College of Business and works with faculty to ensure that first year students are fully prepared to enter these programs. 

See their website for more details:

Tour the SUIBE campus


Australia Education Management Group (AEMG)

AEMG works with universities in China and Australia to facilitate joint degree programs.

Partnering with RMIT English Worldwide since 2012, we work together to provide our Academic English programs at Chinese universities that offer a variety of disciplines, from business studies to mechanical engineering to early childhood teaching and animation and design.

See their website for more details:



RMIT Vietnam

RMIT Vietnam offers English programs for students intending to study at an international university, and for teenagers wanting to excel in English.

See their website for more details: