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Leadership Team

Gail Parker

Director, Pathways and Test Operations

Gail has extensive experience in client services, where she has been responsible for process improvement, the overall customer experience and the implementation of metrics to measure these areas. During her career, she has also gained significant experience in employee management, change management and compliance.

Gail previously worked for six years in the financial services industry as National Support and Practice Manager and also spent several years managing a management consultancy, where much of the work was with government departments.

In September 2012, Gail was appointed Director, Pathways and Test Operations.

Jake Heinrich

Director, Pathways Vietnam

Jake holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland; a Masters of Education (TESOL) from the Queensland University of Technology; and a Master of Business Administration from RMIT. 

He has extensive experience in the education sector having worked as a lecturer in China, Vietnam and Australia and ESL teacher in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Cambodia and Vietnam. He has also held executive positions in higher education and pathways institutions, as well as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where he was responsible for a range of international education products. 

Jake joined RMIT Vietnam in 2016 and commenced as Director, Pathways Vietnam with RMIT Training in November 2018.

Michael Tully

Director, Enterprise and Innovation

Michael has a Masters of Business Administration from Victoria University and more than 20 years in leadership positions including editorial, product development, sales and marketing roles. For the past 10 years, he has worked closely with numerous executive customers and partners in medicine and education in a hospitals and university setting across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States.

Michael has experience in successfully growing businesses and creating new business models in a local and global market.  His most recent position at RACV was to establish a Car Share business based in Melbourne. Prior to that, he held leadership roles at Elsevier Australia & New Zealand and Wolters Kluwer Health where he was based in Philadelphia, United Sates. 

Michael joined RMIT Training as Director, Informit in November 2018. 

Rachael Beveridge

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Business (Management & Marketing) from the Queensland University of Technology and has worked for manufacturing, recruitment, media and pharmaceutical organisations. She is experienced in customer service, product management, strategy, advertising, communications and marketing.

Her most recent role prior to RMIT Training was as Group Advertising Manager with News Limited, responsible for the classifieds and display advertising strategy within Leader Newspapers.

Rachael has over 9 years experience in education after joining RMIT Training in 2011 and commenced as Director, Strategic Initiatives in July 2019.