How to pronounce the consonant sound 'th'

How to pronounce the consonant sound 'th'

How to pronounce the consonant sound 'th'

In this tip, Rowena a teacher at REW demonstrates how we to correctly pronounce words with the letters 't' and 'h'.

I'm going to show and tell you how to pronounce the consonant sound, 'th'. It's the sound in common English words, such as think, three, Thursday, fourth and month. First, you need to know how to make the sound. I'll show you how. You take your tongue, that's this part of your mouth, and you put it between your upper and lower rows of teeth.

Your mouth is almost closed, then you blow out air. It's like this, 'th'. It sounds a bit like air coming out of a car tire. Let's try the words now. Each time, watch where my tongue is, between my two rows of teeth. Think, three, Thursday, fourth, month. Lastly, you need to make the sound as you will use it when you speak in sentences at faster speed.

For this, you'll discover that you don't stick your tongue right out like this, wherever the people can see it. Your tongue is actually placed just behind your top row of teeth, with the tip place just behind these top two front teeth. Let's try the sentence, 'I think I saw you on Thursday'. Ready? I think I saw you on Thursday.

Now, faster. I think I saw you on Thursday. Okay. Don't worry if you find it hard to get the sound, 'th', when you were speaking naturally. Just try to get the sound correct first, and then try the word. And lastly, the words in a sentence slowly. Remember you can always replay this video.

04 April 2021


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