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Your Medibank OSHC

Your Medibank OSHC

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) covers all student visa holders for:
  • visits to the doctor
  • hospital fees
  • prescription medications 
  • emergency ambulance.

You would have applied for OSHC when you organised your visa. Medibank is the private health insurer used by most students at RMIT.

How do I get my card?

  1. You must activate your card online. 
  2. You will need:
    • your Medibank Policy Certificate (found in your personal email)
    • your Passport
  3. Watch this video to learn how to activate your card:
  4.  Activate your card.
  5. Once you have activated your card, you will receive it in the mail to your Australian address. 
  6. If you are having trouble activating your card, a Medibank representative is on Level 3 in the Student Lounge every Wednesday from 9am-5pm.
How do I make a claim?
When you visit a doctor or hospital and pay a fee, you need to keep the receipt.
To make a claim, bring the receipt to the Medibank representative on Level 3. They will arrange for the money to be refunded to you. How much you are able to claim depends on what the doctor charges you.
Watch this video to find out how to make a claim online: