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28 April 2016
What is a Critical Response? a type of writing task, requiring different sections depending on the task requirements it may be a ‘response’ to a...
12 April 2016
Can you understand this? I nd hlp w/tkng nts + answrng ?s from thm It says 'I need help with taking notes and answering questions from them'. If...
23 March 2016
Having trouble with grammar? This video covers the main sentence types in English: simple, compound, and complex. Watch to find out more! 
02 March 2016
The short answer style exam question is one of most common types of questions in both reading and listening exams. This is because it is a good way...
20 February 2016
Did you know that the average person reads at around 200 words per minute (wpm). This is double how fast you speak! In other words, it's possible to...
19 February 2016
Depending on how you count words, English has the largest vocabulary in the world. So how do you know which words to learn?  Introducing… the...
06 February 2016
Feeling down about an exam? Did you stuff up your speaking? Or were you really happy with how all your exams went? Week 5/10 is always a good week to...
13 December 2015
Students often come to the Study Support to improve their vocabulary. Here are some useful tips on how to do that. Which is your favourite tip?...
11 April 2015
Learning a new foreign language is never easy – but it's a lot harder if you fall into these five common traps, says Anne Merritt. It’s a myth that...